The agreement

Agreement on participation in ICO DAGRA

This Agreement for participation in the ICO DAGRA (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is intended for the participants of DagrSol Searching Engine Inc., a privately owned and partially open, decentralized platform based on Blockchain, to participate in the campaign for the acquisition of the DAGRA cryptocurrency (hereinafter referred to as ” “DGR”).

Carefully read the following terms and conditions.
By participating in the ICO DAGRA, you acknowledge that you fully understand and accept all conditions:

1. Before taking any action with respect to the purchase of DGR, you must carefully study and understand:

(1) ICO DAGRA Roadmap;

(2) DGR Whitepaper from DagrSol Searching Engine Inc;

The above documents are available on the website www.dagra.org and are included as integral parts of this Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns about anything that is contained or is not being addressed in any of these documents, please contact DagrSol Searching Engine Inc., at your discretion. You must refrain from participating in ICO DAGRA or buying DGR until you receive an answer to your questions or doubts.

2. You must comply with certain qualification requirements laid down in the ICO DAGRA Rules for participating in the ICO DAGRA. In addition, you must participate in the ICO DAGRA only during such a period, and in such a manner as specified in the ICO DAGRA Rules.

3. You must participate in ICO DAGRA only through a personal account (Account) located on our website: www.dagra.org

4. The amount of DGR you buy will be determined by the price of DGR, listed on www.dagra.org

5. After making the payment, you must continue to visit the website www.dagra.org. To obtain information that may from time to time be placed on the Site. Everything related to the ICO DAGRA can be updated, changed or revised at such times and in such a way that the DagrSol Searching Engine Inc division. Can and deems it necessary.

6. DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. disclaims any representations, warranties, obligations or liabilities, other than those expressly set forth in the ICO DAGRA Rules. You will not be entitled to a claim against DagrSol Searcher Engine Inc., regardless of whether the division of DagrSol Searcher Engine Inc. Is not directly entrusted or is not responsible for this.

7. DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. Reserves the right to conduct any kind of thorough verification of customers at any time (including after the closure of the ICO DAGRA). If the division of DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. Discovers your purchase of a DGR violating this Agreement or any money laundering, terrorist financing or other regulatory requirements, your purchase of DGR under the ICO DAGRA will be invalidated retroactively, and the DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. Will have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement with you, deny access to ICO DAGRA, refuse to deliver DGR, and request the return of any delivered DGR, regardless of any payment that you could make.

8. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with US law. You and DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. Hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States of America.

Annexes to the Agreement:

(1) ICO DAGRA road map;

(2) DGR Whitepaper from DagrSol Searching Engine Inc;

By clicking on the “Go to payment” button you accept all of the above conditions and agree to enter into this Agreement for participation in the ICO DAGRA.

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